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Powerful Purpose – Purposeful People

The vision of these young people and their efforts truly encourages me. Upon seeing this business explained/pitched, I went home and threw away my Hershey bars. Their vision to quench trafficking is a contagious one. I’m glad to join it and they’re doing a good job.

Keeshon Washington
December 25, 2021

A special treat!

4 of us shared the variety box. Each date was large and soft yielding a sweet background for the nut and dark chocolate. It is good to get a treat that doesn’t exploit others.
Comments: “yummy” “wonderful”

Sue Weaver
January 11, 2022


It is so refreshing to see youth with vision and passion. I believe in my children and their generation. They may not use punctuation or spell correctly, but they have something we do not have and we have something they want – believe in them! #Trust

Lyndon Risser
February 11, 2022

Have your cake and eat it too!

Tastes great and they good for you as well. I also like buying things that help a greater cause, too.

Todd Weiner
March 5, 2022

I’m a healthy Chocolates Fan

I love Dark Chocolate ,so when I have the privilege of Dark Chocolate , healthy , and supporting a Good Trade and Local business , Well ,I was not disappointed….my last box was on my desk and after each hard day of school I treated myself with a rich delightful Liberate treat! So worth it! If you haven’t tried them yet? You need too !😋 They are also beautiful for gifts for your Chocolate🍫 Fan friends….

Marlea Kauffman
March 5, 2022

The vision and passion fueling

The vision and passion fueling redemptive sweets is truly amazing. However; without a great product to back it up, it would be of little value. These chocolate covered, nut filled dates are fantastic and delightful. They always disappear much too quickly!

Curtis & Kelly Kauffman
March 10, 2022


Thank you for the delightful and healthy sweet option! I love what you are doing and ask God to bless your work.

Dawn Weaver
March 24, 2022

Delicious! My friend gifted me

Delicious! My friend gifted me a box and I couldn’t believe how wonderful all the nut and chocolate combinations tasted. I enjoyed them so much I ordered some myself to gift for Valentine’s Day. Normally I don’t do anything for this holiday, but who can pass up healthy chocolate!? And I love the vision and mission behind this company.

March 31, 2022

A wholesome, delightful treat

Each Liberate delights the taste buds with its perfect balance of sweet and nutty encased in rich, chocolatey goodness! Wholesome ingredients that can be enjoyed guilt-free, while also knowing that your enjoyment is benefitting others.

D Pawling
June 8, 2022

Delightfully Different + Refreshingly Visionary

These amazing little nuggets are decidedly my favorite chocolate creation and pair well with one’s favorite latte or hot tea brew. The vision + potential behind this product is also beautiful + inspiring. Savor a delectable bite and fuel another step towards freedom.

October 18, 2022

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